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Ebay adding authentication service to its platform, Partnership with SneakerCon:

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Starting October 25, 2020, Ebay will launch a service gear toward protecting buyer from counterfeit sneakers sales. This services should included most popular sneakers and brands. By 2021, the list will include all sneakers over $100 sold in the US.

This new service will help Ebay stay with the ranks of Goat App and Stock X. Ebay's new partnership with SneakerCon with work as a third party flow. When a sale is made, the buyer ships the sneakers to an “authentication facility” where they’re inspected to make sure they match the listing’s title, description, and images. If they pass the inspection, an eBay tag is attached to them, then sent to the buyer. The same process goes for returns, in order to stop unscrupulous buyers from returning fake sneakers to legitimate sellers.

This authentication service and no seller fees, let see if Ebay can make a big jump in the resell platform market!

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