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Nike Lawsuit Series - John Geiger Business Review

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Independent Designer John Geiger and Nike ended the Trademark Infringement lawsuit. Both Parties have came to an agreement that allows JG to continue building his brand with respecting Nike's IT Property Rights in Iconic Air Force 1 "Trade Dress". Geiger will modify his design of his GF-01, the shoe Nike claims infringed upon the registered Trade Dress of the Air Force One.

Nike First brought suit against Geiger and manufacturer "LaLaLand" in August 2021 stating LaLaLand produces GF-01 sneakers to capitalized on Nike replica of its Iconic shoe and attempted to cause confusion in the market.

JG released a statement defending his inspiration... "I’m preparing to fight this battle for all creators and underdogs fighting the same uphill battle as me. I’ve been very clear throughout the two years of developing and selling the GF-01 that this silhouette was inspired by Nike and also made sure that anyone purchasing the shoe is aware it is a designer shoe crafted with higher-end materials and quality, along with my trademark and changes to the silhouette".

In Feb 2022, Geiger filed a counter suit against Nike. Stating and winning that is was unlikely consumers would confuse the two shoe models. He was granted a separate US trademark for the GF-01 in June 2022.

The Solution with Nike includes a consent judgement - an agreement that Resolves a dispute between two partners with submission of guilt and Liability on either side.

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