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Nike's Lawsuit against LA designer Warren Lotas

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Los Angeles Sneaker designer Warren Lotas is facing a lawsuit by Nike, allowing people to pre-order his sneakers that closely match like Nike SB Dunk Lows. The color-blocking and silhouettes of the SB Dunk Low and Lotas' designs are very much the same, the only slight difference: The Nike swoosh. Slightly altered and dripped with Warren Lotas "WL" branding. Over the past months, Lotas has released numerous colorways including "Toxic Green" and "Cherry" offerings. Perhaps the most egregious design is his Jeff Stapled-assisted Pigeon Dunk knock-off.

As a result of these designs, Nike is moving forward to suing for up to three times the amount of damages they have faced as a result of Lotas' shoes. According to LA Times, they are seeking all of his profits and even the assets to these sneakers. Basically, anything that was used in creating the shoe, Nike wants it..

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