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Will Brand Hunting Disappear in 2022? Designer Brands Leaving TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall’s Stores.

Much reported supply chain struggles in 2021 and the influence this is taking on product availability in 2022 is having a lasting outcome on what’s on the shelves at discount stores like Marshall’s, Ross, Burlington and TJMaxx.

According to an CNN report about various brands— Nike, Ralph Lauren, Under Armour, Steve Madden, Carter’s, and Levi’s — detailed they’re pulling out from discount retailers making Brand Hunting, a streetwear ritual a lot harder for the consumer.

Sneakerheads and Streetwear enthusiast alike hit bargain stores searching for new garments from their favorite brands or marked down Nike and adidas products such as signature shoes from Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, which were often found in Marshalls and Ross.

Changes to and stresses on the supply chain have led to a decrease in the amount of original inventory fashion labels have on hand while demand for the products remains relatively high. With so little spare merchandise to sell down the chain to bargain retailers, the brands are instead focusing on selling their goods at full cost.

This also includes major Outlet and clearance stores such as Nike Clearance, Levi and Carter’s Outlets etc.

Despite low inventory, discount retailers are optimistic about the future, but Brand Hunters are feeling the drought. This is just another drastic swing in the streetwear/resell economy that brand hunters will have to adjust to.

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